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Recovery, Nutrition, & Abundance with Kahlee York

Episode Summary

In this episode, I talk with Kahlee York about her journey as an LSU beach volleyball player and her plans for the future as an Integrative Nutrition Consultant and aspiring professional beach volleyball player. Kahlee is wise beyond her years and in this episode gives many takeaways about how to take care of ourselves and accomplish goals that also help make the world a better place. From how to be a good teammate, how nutrition is an integral part of our overall health, and ways to fill up your cup so it runs over and creates abundance for the people around you, there is something for everyone who is on their own path to greatness to take from this inspired conversation.

Episode Notes

Key Points, Top Takeaways, and Memorable Quotes

“I think Russell really taught me how important heart is on the team and really being a family.” 2:51

“We want LSU to win.  I think understanding and trusting that the coaches are going to put who they think is going to win on the court and respecting that, and I think having relationships with all of the girls outside of the court I think makes that a lot easier. 4:53

“Being vulnerable I feel like is honoring your story.” 9:43

“I love the saying that every team is meant to function at 100 percent, and 100 percent is each person stepping into their most authentic selves.” 9:50

“The biggest thing is we were never allowed to quit anything, except cheerleading..” 13:46

“We fell in love with the culture of volleyball before we fell in love with the sport of volleyball.” 21:58

“So much of our recovery comes from what we do off to the side.  I think really valuing breathwork, valuing how you sleep, evaluating how you eat, those are all recovery methods. ”35:34

“How I view rest is that I'm filling up my cup again.” 38:04 37:32-:38:10

“You fill up your cup and you don't have to pour out, eventually it will overflow.” 38:11

“I think really starting from a base of rest, let me take care of myself, so then I can work hard and then I can work hard from a place of joy, not from a place of having to do that.” 38:35

“People are going to be drawn to you who are meant to be led by you.”49:41

“You can create a beautiful life and things are still going to be hard.” 50:22

“You are so much more than the sport.” 53:43

Guest Bio

Kahlee has a quiet strength, self-assurance, and kindness about her that drew me to her story.  After competing on the sand for LSU Beach, she made the move to California to pursue a professional career on the beach.  In addition to being an athlete, she has a passion for nutrition and wellness and has the desire and knowledge to educate and inspire others to incorporate good nutrition, hydration, and other wellness tools into their lives.

Show Notes

0:06 - Intro 

1:35 - LSU Career

2:51 - Heart and Family Program Culture

4:01 - There’s A Kindness About You

5:46 - Creating Friendships As A Player

8:42 - Reading Brene Brown and Vulnerability 

10:18 - Maturity Growth Through College Career

12:36 - Younger Brother

13:38 - Parents

15:24 - Driver’s License 

16:30 - Kinesiology and Overuse

19:56 - Lifelong Culture of Beach Volleyball

22:48 - Were Your Parents Athletes?

22:58 - Standing Tall

23:36 - Senior Year Game Clip

24:49 - Jason Jumps In

25:13 - Stanford Battle

28:23 - Kahlee’s Future Plans?

29:20 - Jason’s Pros and Cons of moving to California

31:09 - Soho Yoga and Breathwork Benefits

35:02 - Be Better and HPZ Course Purpose

37:40 - Slowing Down and Resting

38:58 - Discipline in the Grind

40:46 - Kahlee’s Integrative Nutrition Certification

42:35 - Everything is Connected to Nutrition

44:58 - The balance of Primary Foods and Secondary Foods

46:08 - How to make a living and play beach volleyball

46:54 - Kahlee’s mission of helping girls make a healthy transition from the high school game to the college game

47:56 - Developing a Mentorship Program

48:36 - How Kahlee’s plans relate to being a Be Better Featured Athlete

49:29 - Leadership and Authenticity

51:07 - The beauty of presence and enjoy where you are

52:10 - Thank You For Being A Be Better Featured Athlete

52:49 - Wrap Up

53:22 - One Piece of Advice 

54:49 - Where Can People Find You?


Links & Where to Find Kahlee 

IG - @kahleeyork