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Play Free and Find Flow with Kaylie McHugh

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In this episode, I talk with Kaylie McHugh about her journey from Tulane to TCU through indoor and beach volleyball. The first time I watched her play, I was inspired by her focus and power, but her words of wisdom about the connection between success on the court and our ability to play free are gold. Take a listen.

Episode Notes

Key Points, Top Takeaways, and Memorable Quotes

“So I’m really thankful that they just kept pushing me through the little things and teaching me all the details and the styles that could come with the game.” 4:00

“It was hard, it was hard, to leave a team that you gave everything to, but I knew that there was something more for me out there, and this opportunity came across, and I wanted to take it.” 9:04

“Now I just know for the future that I can’t let anything pass by without seeing it as an opportunity.” 10:20

“We were all very good talkers, but when it came to listening, that was eye-opening kinda to see that even if everyone was very vocal, it’s about kind of who can listen too.” 12:21

“I feel like if it was supposed to happen, it would’ve.  And for some reason, we have to take a different message from this now, and I hope that even though it wasn’t me to be there for the win, I hope it’s for the team, later on, they get it for next year, the next two years, next three years, I just hope those girls learned what that feeling felt like, and they just take it and generate more of it for next year.” 15:48

“I want to be a coach one day too like I want to coach college, so for some reason, I feel like this happened to be a better mentor to girls to like that this happens to or if they feel like in this situation, I know better things to say or better ways how to act.” 18:59

“Making small goals on a daily basis leads to those big goals.” 20:38

“Our path is just completely already made, and we’re just walking it.  So if you walk it the best you can and you’re doing that, then you are completing your life, and it’s just going to come out in the end, I think.” 21:20

“We always do this thing where you say three things to yourself in the morning, and then you say those six things in the afternoon, and repeat nine times at night to try to manifest those moments and put it in the earth and receive it back, so I guess every morning I try to pick what I want to be that day.” 26:20

“I think that day for the UCLA matches I said, “I will be humble.” 27:03

“If I need to communicate what I need, someone will help me.  I just have to be like, have the courage to say it and be confident in what I’m saying and believe what I'm saying for someone to see me as me and help what I wanted and what I needed.” 34:18

“The more you get rejected, I guess, the less it hurts.” 36:09

“The piece of advice I think would be just really know who you are as a person and whatever you’re doing, just make sure that you wholeheartedly love everything that you are doing.  If it’s volleyball, if it’s school, if it’s your job, just make sure you love it because if you rely on anybody else to love it for you, or have expectations to do things for anyone else, then I think you will fall short every time.  If it's not for you if you're losing the love, it’s ok to reconnect with yourself through other things and to find a new love somewhere else or to keep working through it, but just don’t force anything.” 52:02


Guest Bio - From Fort Lauderdale, FL! Went to St. Thomas Aquinas High School! Then got my bachelors in psychology from Tulane University, Got a masters in kinesiology also at Tulane. Then I transferred to TCU for my 6th year! I am currently getting a master's in liberal arts!

I come from a volleyball family! My mother played for UCF and won the national title in 1978, and my dad played professionally in Puerto Rico. My brothers either played beach or indoor. My dad even built an indoor and beach club for my brothers, then a girl's volleyball program for me. 

I played indoor and beach volleyball all four years at Tulane. My covid year happened, which gave me another year of eligibility for beach, which I played at TCU! 

Some accomplishments :

I really enjoy longboarding and slacklining. I think it is important to enjoy outside time besides playing beach volleyball! I love coaching as well, I hope to pursue a college coaching job for indoor or beach volleyball! Fun fact I used to own two exotic pets: a sugar glider and a hedgehog.


Show Notes

0:00 - What I Meant to Say Podcast Intro

0:18 - Introducing Kaylie McHugh

0:42 - Be Better Stories and Welcome

2:00 - What I Love About You: Being Real

2:49 - Awards and Accolades

3:04 - Parents Started Me on Volleyball Young

4:08 - Youngest of Four Siblings / Only Girl

4:34 - Indoor and Beach Volleyball from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

5:13 - 4 Years Indoor and Beach at Tulane

6:19 - Biggest Takeaway from Wayne

7:10 - Tulane to TCU with Lauren

8:26 - Experience at TCU 

10:08 - What I Learned About Opportunity

11:17 - TCU Season Rankings and Kaylie’s Season Highlights

14:21 - Going into Nationals with High Hopes

16:21 - Pressure is Real Vs. Playing Free

18:48 - Knowing Those Things Stay with You, How Are You Processing?

19:54 - How Do You Consistently Train the Mentality that You Have?

22:26 - What Are Your Degrees?

23:50 - Highlight Reel on YouTube and Cheer Squad

25:50 - What’s Your Pregame Routine?

27:45 - Hawaiian Culture

30:00 - Taking Advantage of Being a Small Player

32:26 - Having the Desire and Learning from My Parents

34:55 - Advice on Overcoming Conflict Avoidance

35:44 - How Do You Handle Rejection?

36:42 - Slacklining and Socializing

38:32 - She Skateboards Too

40:19 - Come Longboard with Matthew

41:15 - What Do You Do to Calm Your Mind?

43:20 - Where Do You Go From Here?

45:03 - Are You Playing Volleyball this Summer?

46:30 - Do You Have a Partner for AVP?

47:41 - Playing to Coaching

48:47 - Hats Off to You for Being a Real Person

49:59 - Thank You for Seeing Me

50:37 - Where Can We Find You?

51:50 - One Piece of Advice 

52:54 - What I Meant to Say Podcast Closing


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Writing Wild https://www.amazon.com/Writing-Wild-Forming-Creative-Partnership/dp/1608682862/ref=sr_1_2?crid=JDGRXNYL6PTA&keywords=writing+wild&qid=1655149329&s=books&sprefix=Writing+Wild%2Cstripbooks%2C228&sr=1-2

IG - @kayliemchugh44