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From Acting to Autism Awareness with Monica Ruiz

Episode Summary

In this episode, I talk with Monica Ruiz. Monica and I connected through a mindful mom’s meditation group I was leading, and I had no idea she was an actress. In this conversation, we covered the creative journey, parenting life - including having kids on the autism spectrum, and how the world just needs honesty and kindness. She was an instant connection for me, and I think you’ll find the same thing when you listen.

Episode Notes

Key Points, Top Takeaways, and Memorable Quotes 

“I love when people have never seen me before and don’t know what my job is, and they just see me as a mom dealing with two kids.” 2:47

“Be an open book. People are comfortable with you when you’re that way.” 3:20

“I can’t be insensitive to those people who took it that way.” 9:46

“I’m a natural mediator.” 17:08

“These are hands reaching out, going ‘you don’t have to do this, but I’m here to help you and guide you if you do.’” 21:07

“In the end, you think you’re in all this control and think because you know all this stuff, that you’re not going to get hurt, but you still get hurt because you’re a human being.” 27:53

“Can you stay home and build a puzzle with this person?” 31:20

“That’s always been the biggest thing for me is; worried about people not liking me.” 37:42

“I’ve been you more than I’ve been me right now….. I have to constantly remind myself that I’ve been that person to somebody else.” 39:10

“We’re not in control of a lot of the things that happen to us, but we are in control of our own narrative.” -Wendy @ 45:03

“Show that you are interested, show that you want to be involved on as many levels as you possibly can because then the teachers know that you’re working with them, and then they have so much more patience for the child.” 48:27

“We can’t just be having him work for something that’s a prize or something that’s an award. He also has to realize there are consequences.” 56:27

“Sometimes mommies need breaks.” 57:40

“We all deal with what we do and don't sort of remember.” 1:04:15

“Watching people grow and change makes you realize that sometimes when you’re judging someone in the midst of their story, you have to remember and remind yourself that you don’t know the whole story or where they are on their way to.” 1:05:50

“I can see people who were never athletes, that never played a team sport, in a second. When you are on set, it’s a team effort.” 1:06:57

“Be yourself and don’t worry about being yourself because your people will find you and be around you and come to you.” 1:12:38

“Being myself is actually what’s given me a lot more success.” 1:13:10 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re not cool right now, later down the road, you’re going to be very happy with your life, and with the people who surround you.” 1:13:30

“I wish people would just hear each other out.” 1:15:14

“I always say we are more alike than different.” 1:15:27


Guest Bio - Monica is a wife, mom, and actress famous not only for her roles in The Bold and the Beautiful and About a Boy, but as the ‘Peloton Wife’ in the commercial that caused controversy in 2019.  As a yogi, she is an advocate for mind/body/spirit health and wellness.  Monica’s message is relatable and real when it comes to the ups and downs of life, parenting and chasing our dreams until they become a reality. 


Show Notes 

0:00 - What I Meant to Say Podcast Intro

0:18 - Introducing Monica

1:05 - Connecting As Moms First and Foremost

4:04 - Peloton Story

7:43 - Today’s Show Interview

9:26 - Friend in College

10:50 - Sense of Community

11:39 - How Does Ryan Renolds Relate?

15:18 - Interview Trap

16:26 - Aviation Gin Commercial

18:59 - Leading With Kindness

20:02 - Only 50 People

22:18 - Italy Poem

23:08 - Parent’s Divorce

24:36 - When I Met My Husband

26:20 - Knowing It Won’t Work

28:18 - 26 Years Old but I Can’t Date My Boss

30:15 - I’ll Bartend, but I Won’t Serve

31:50 - The Real Gilligan’s Island

32:50 - Degree in Sociology

33:43 - Being True to Yourself and College Independence 

35:55 - Model Life

38:10 - The Why Behind the Podcast

39:35 - It’s Not About You

40:10 - Miles Brendan and Micheal Robert

41:15 - Sensitivity with Autism

44:05 - Early Intervention is Huge

46:17 - Occupational Therapy Vs. Behavior Therapy

49:05 - Speech Therapy

50:19 - Is There Anyone Else?

51:50 - They Are Not Fine

53:00 - It Relates to My Kids

53:46 - How to Balance the Attention

56:10 - Accountability Using Consequences

57:01 - Challenge Skills Balance

57:31 - Role of Yoga

59:45 - Mind Body Connection (@sohoyoga)

1:00:45 - Childhood Understanding - Generational Trauma

1:02:11 - Chrissy’s Blog 

1:02:51 - Divorced and Remarried

1:05:50 - Judgment Day

1:06:36 - Sports Background

1:08:58 - Talking Kate and Theater

1:11:43 - Perspective on Height

1:12:10 - What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?

1:14:11 - Lead the World with Honesty

1:15:32 - Wrap Up

1:15:53 - Where Can We Find You?

1:16:37 - Podcast Closing


Links & Where to Find Monica

IG - @monpearl