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A Champion's Life with Shawn Ledig (part 1)

Episode Summary

In this episode, I talk with Shaun Ledig, a lifelong athlete and incredible mentor and example in everything he chooses to take on in life. Shawn and I connected through my blog and volleyball because we both have a passion for generational healing and turning struggles into strength. From college basketball to the beach volleyball court, to becoming a world champ in Jiu-Jitsu at age 46, whatever Shawn commits to he rises to the top. Come hear how the excellence he has shown in his athletic career is no different than the care he commits to himself and his relationships. Jason Dibelius joins in on this conversation too and adds more depth and life experience to the conversation as we learn, it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to it that shapes your life. Then come back for part 2 of this conversation next week!

Episode Notes

Key Points, Top Takeaways and Memorable Quotes 

“It’s a blessing and a curse.  It just depends on how you harness it and you make it work for you.” 7:06

“Man, when I make money, I’m going to wear whatever I want.” 13:09

“I’m able to teach them what I’ve learned and what I wish I would’ve learned.” 22:01

“Hate is a powerful tool.” 36:17

“You can’t ask ‘what if?’ So you just go with what you got and push forward.  Let’s not ask what if, let’s find out what can we do?” 55:36

“Get a journal.” 1:08:26

“This is  where my wife comes in. She has shown she loved me and showed me love like no one has.” 1:25:05

“I forgive you for what you’ve done.  What you did to me or what you did to anybody or what anybody has done to me is not going to delegate what I do in the future.” 1:31:44

“I started to realize we’re energy in a sense and we’ve only got so much energy throughout the 24 hours that we are given. You can invest and give your energy to things that aren’t going to grow and produce and flourish or you can put your energy towards the things that are going to make a difference, grow, mature, and make whoever you’re giving it to a better person.” 1:34:03

“If you can push it, push it.” 1:55:39

“I don’t tell anybody good luck anymore.  I tell them ‘Go do your best.’” 2:01:21

Guest Bio - Shawn Ledig is a Louisiana native and athlete for life who uses every bit of what he has learned on the court and the mat to become a better human and set an amazing example for the next generation.  From humble beginnings, to college basketball, professional beach volleyball, to  becoming a World Champion in jiu jitsu at age 46, to being a husband, husband, father, son, and friend…not to mention a structural engineer and small business owner, Shawn is here not just to level up his own game, but inspire others to do the same.

Show Notes 

0:20 - Intro

1:27 - Where do you come from?

1:48 - Hawaii and Louisiana Roots

3:04 - Step Dad: the Good and Bad of a rocky relationship

6:12 - Early Sports Experiences

7:51 - Nostalgia of Home

8:38 - Influence of Working for Christian Private School

9:20 - Advocating for myself to make the basketball team

11:04 - Being a discipline problem for my single mom

13:58 - the experience of growing pains

16:13 - Race and basketball - I was the only white guy on the team

18:03 - My Dad and I Didn’t See Eye to Eye

18:25 - Senior Year: Starting A Dynasty

20:10 - Thank God for My Coaches

22:44 - from an Ankle Injury to a Modeling career  to a degree in Engineering

24:45 - Never Touched A Volleyball Until Coconut Beach

27:55 - Falling in love with Beach Volleyball 

30:04 - NVL in Dallas

32:40 - California Livin’ or No?

34:53 - How Sports Broke the Abuse Pattern

36:38 - The Last Time My Dad Abused My Mom

41:55 - Nightlife in the French Quarter

43:06 - The Mask From the Movie

44:53 - Kissing Lindsay Lohan

48:10 - Dance Moves

51:30 - First born - Seth’s Birth Changed Me

54:07 - NVL Hermosa Beach Behind the Mic Together

56:16 - Can the Big Guy Set?

57:28 - NVL Ohio and the Skills Nazis

59:30 - They All Knew I Was Green

1:00:35 - Consistent Competition: Iron Sharpens Iron

1:02:39 - Or Relationships? Hint Hint: Savvy Simo

1:03:30 - It’s All Built My Character

1:04:06 - Jujitsu Peaked My Interest

1:06:38 - Look At Those Bad Boys Back There

1:07:26 - I Want to be Number One at European Championships

1:09:26 - Body types - Were You Skinny as a Kid?

1:11:57 - The Brain Only Moves So Fast

1:17:55 - Competition Weight is a Mental Thing

1:23:00 - Organized Coaching

1:23:48 - Road to Rome Interview

1:24:50 - Finding Ways to Break the Cycle

1:26:33 - My Dad’s Real Family

1:32:04 - Hate is Your Character Armor

1:33:53 - We’re Energy

1:34:30 - Second Guessing

1:35:15 - Volleyball As A Release

1:35:45 - Body and Brain Connection: Gut Health

1:37:16 - Overcoming Energy Vampires

1:42:32 - The World’s Story About Men and Women

1:43:26 - Jason’s Story About Kenny

1:45:00 - AVP Talk

1:51:51 - What Does Shawn Expect From the AVP Tour?

1:54:22 - Some Athletes Are Warriors

1:56:10 - Next Month at Coconut Beach

1:56:47 - AVP Next Gold Tour Series New Orleans Clip

1:59:10 - Two Big Tournaments Back to Back

2:00:00 - Coaching A Girl or Two at Coconut Beach

2:00:35 - Real Life Calls

2:01:57 - What Keeps Me Going

2:04:20 - Talking Meat and Vitamin C

2:06:40 - Off the Record Dialogue

2:08:53 - Wrap Up


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